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BingLoft Features:

Full Administrator Access

Germany Server Location

1Gbps High Speed

Perfect Germany RDP Servers For You:

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RDP - S Full Admin 4 GB 75 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps $34.99 Order Today
RDP - M Full Admin 6 GB 150 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps $39.99 Order Today
RDP - L Full Admin 8 GB 250 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps $44.99 Order Today
RDP - XL Full Admin 16 GB 500 GB SSD Unlimited 1 Gbps $49.99 Order Today

What is Remote Desktop Protocol?

RDP means Remote Desktop Protocol is a communication protocol developed by Microsoft. The use of RDP is to provide graphical interface to a user to connect to an other computer/pc on a network connection. User uses RDP client for this purpose only. If you are a user of RDP and want to connect to an other computer on network then the other computer is also need to have RDP installed. Remote Desktop Protocol servers are built into Windows operating system, RDP server for Unix and OS X is also available. Server listens on TCP port 3389 and UDP port 3389 by default. “Terminal Services Client” is now refers as “Remote Desktop Protocol” by the company Microsoft.

BingLoft is now present amazing new offer for its users. Now you can buy RDP online buy sitting in your home with easy access. We also offer different plans for different users. Now you can buy rdp on cheap rates or you can also buy rdp with Credit/Debit Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft protocol designed to facilitate application data transfer security and encryption between client users, devices and a virtual network server. A person can connect to an Windows like graphical interface and perform work same as he does on his windows PC but with better features and platform.
Startup RDP Plans do not have admin access, means you cannot install any software yourself, you have to request us to install that software for you, whereas Admin RDP plans are allowed to install softwares or do the work which requires admin permissions. Though having Admin privileges your capabilities are limited.
You will get your purchased RDP Login details within 4 hours after making payment, but in some unexpected cases it might take upto 12Hours, not more than that. Whereas Setup time for Private RDP/VPS servers will be atleast 12-24 hours for sure.
Bruteforcing / Mass Mailing / Netscan / Hack programs and archives, Malicious Scripts (ex: originate DDoS attacks or hack attempts), Botnet/Doorway/Carding. Using RDP As Seedbox. If found using or doing any of the above, your account will be banned. There will be no appeal or refund of any kind.
We accept generally each and every payment modes like PayPal, Payza, Credit Card, Debit Card. We also accept Bank Transfer, Netbanking or NEFT.
There will be separate storage drive with your RDP Account which can be accessed by you only. The size of store drive will depend on the RDP Plan you ordered. But there will be exact storage space according to your plan, Like 50GB plan will be having 49.4 Gb or some near value.

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