Refund Policy

Refund Policy For All Our Services

Dispute/Charge Back's

Policy: Service offered by BingLoft Web Solution Does not have any Refund Policy Due to nature of hosting industry and the costs involved with provisioning and maintaining your Service, We don't offer any refund. All Sales are final purchased from BingLoft Web Solution and it's your responsibility to test our Services before purchase using our 48 days trial if our services fits for your needs. In case of any Paypal Disputes/Card Charge Back's we are not responsible because it's your responsibility to read our Policy Page and You are accepted to our Terms of service, Refund Policy Page Before doing the Payment/Completing the order.

Billing: We accept PayPal,Payza,PeyGol,Internation Credit/Debit Cards,Net Banking,Cards,IMPS,UPI Payments. There is no Minimum Contract Periods for any plans. In Case of any Disputes We are unable to offer any refunds its your responsibility to check our Services in the 48 Hours trial peroid. Due to the nature of Business and service maintaince we don't offer any refunds, so all the sales made from BingLoft Web Solution are final.

All Sales Are Final Made From BingLoft Web Solution.

Please Read Our Terms Before Buying Our Services.