High Storage VPS Server from BingLoft comes with the World's Largest Processing Power and Highest Storage Config at a Price that makes you to Stumble Upon. High Storage VPS Server from BingLoft an is ideal Solution for Almost All Big Projects and Backup Companies who needs mass Storage.

We understand your unique business needs and correspondingly customize our plans to match your priorities. Our team of experts offers various plans that can be adapted as per your changing requirements. Select the best Storage VPS plans and stay ahead from your competitors.

Cheapest prices, premium quality, branded software, award-winning 24X7 support and cutting-edge technology places allows our VPS severs to enjoy a good reputation in the web hosting industry in Lithuania.

BingLoft Hosting Features:

Guaranteed Resources with complete SSH/root access

Dedicated IP address, premium bandwidth, and RAM

Custom DNS and software configuration

Tier III Data Center with 99.95% Network Uptime

Free Set-up and quick deployment

Multi-Processor Xen instances

Latest quad/hexa core Intel CPU's

OS templates and Control Panel options

Unlimited domain hosting

Weekly Data Backups

Re-installing the OS

Unlimited ticket, chat and phone support

High Storage VPS Servers:

Experience the Ultimate Speed, Power & Control with Our Latest INTEL Servers. 99.99% Uptime with 24/7 Live Support.

Intel XEON 1 x 1.70 GHz 128 MB 100 GB 1 TB 1 Gbps $4.99 Order Today
Intel XEON 1 x 1.70 GHz 256 MB 200 GB 2 TB 1 Gbps $7.49 Order Today
Intel XEON 1 x 1.70 GHz 1024 MB 1 TB 4 TB 1 Gbps $27.99 Order Today
Intel XEON 1 x 1.70 GHz 2048 MB 2 TB 8 TB 1 Gbps $34.99 Order Today
Intel XEON 1 x 1.70 GHz 4096 MB 4 TB 16 TB 1 Gbps $51.29 Order Today
Intel XEON 1 x 1.70 GHz 8192 MB 8 TB 32 TB 1 Gbps $64.99 Order Today

Great features included with all plans

Our vps servers are powered by high quality, enterprise grade hardware from leading players like Dell, HP and Supermicro. Built for speed and unparalleled performance.

Instant Provisioning

Be up and running immediately with our zero-delay guarantee. Our dedicated support staff does everything necessary to bring your site online with confidence. We promise fully managed publishing of your website with our streamlined processes.

Fast, simple and cheap VPS hosting

Simplicity and speed is at the ore of whatever we do. Each of our plans goes through multiple tests to ensure extreme simplicity so that you can manage it on your own without any hassles. Besides, we also promise blazing fast speed for the premium user experience.

Easy control panel

Our industry grade control panels are assets for the non technical clients. Graphical interface, intuitive menus and extensive management capabilities make site management as simple as 1, 2, 3...! Now spend less time on managing your site and more on developing your business!

High availability

Downtime can be dangerous for your business. There are any instances where you need more resources instantly. Our best vps hosting plans come with high resource availability speeds up your site and promise steady performance even during fluctuations. With us your site will go on and on and on.....No matter what!

Solid Security

Ransom ware, bot attacks, malware, cybercrimes and DDoS have finished off many websites. It is high time you should secure yours. Our security squad remains updated to the minute and we have the latest technologies for surveillance, identification and uprooting of security attacks!

Ultimate speed

Google values user experience and users like the fast speed. So we use the best technologies and methodologies to boost up your site speed without affecting the stability. Our testing department and periodical updates ensures the fastest loading speed across all devices with the help of our quality virtual server hosting plans.


BingLoft is equipped with the most advanced systems and infrastructure, in order to provide the quality, the safety and the peace of mind you need for your business, we use servers built with top-notch quality hardware.

Uptime Guarantee

At BingLoft we know that if your network or servers are down, you are losing revenue and opportunities. That's why BingLoft created our aggressive 99.99% Up Time SLA for all of our all Packages.

Support Center

We'll take care of all the challenges you come across, no matter how difficult they might be - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide support by Phone, Live Chat, Email, we have the right answers to your questions.