DNS Propagation Checker Tools for Webmasters and Bloggers

Whenever you change web hosting from one host to another, it’s compulsory to change old domain DNS (Domain Name Server) records. You should verify and check DNS propagation whether it is implemented or not on your domain before updating site contents. Domain name server(in short DNS) records can be changed by going to your domain control panel.

For example; if you have bought a domain name via BingLoft then go to your BingLoft  control panel. Now click on domains tab after this click on Domain Manager icon, insert new (Name Server) dns records and hit the save/update button. You just need to add dns records that are provided by the new web host. After adding NS records, it takes maximum 72 hours for global dns propagation.

What is DNS Propagation?

When you change your domain’s dns records from parent domain name registrar to another web hosting, it takes some time to point your domain from old hosting to new one. This process is known as DNS Propagation. It is quite impossible to speed up dns propagation time. It entirely depends on geographical locations, ISP providers settings, and some other necessary factors. Propagation fully implemented when worldwide ISP providers database updated according to their schedules. Usually, it takes upto 24 to 72 hours.

15 Best Websites to Check DNS Propagation for Webmaster and Bloggers [AKA: DNS Propagation Checkers]

Here is the list of 15 best and free tools which you can use to check dns propagation of any website.

1. ViewDNS

ViewDNS Check DNS Propagation

ViewDNS can help you to check dns propagation with upto 19 servers around the world from different locations. It also shows the IP address from where it collect information about your site.

There are many other 23 useful tools available such as IP history checking, domain whois, dns report, IP location finder, Site up or down, reverse dns lookup, MAC address lookup, URL/string decode, ASN lookup, Ping testing, traceroute, abuse contact lookup and much more.

It is easy to use, all you need to do is just type domain name which you want to check and verify whether it’s propagated or not.

2. WhatsMyDNS

WhatsMyDNS dns propagation checker

WhatMyDNS is another great dns propagation checker tool that uses upto 21 servers across the globe for fetching records. It also shows the IP address of servers from where it got the results.

The best thing that I like about this free tool is, it shows results visually on the world map and tick the locations where dns records propagated successfully.

So, you can easily figure out at which places your domain records changed. Along with propagation, it shows you information about A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SRV and TXT records.

3. Ceipam

Ceipam.eu DNS Propagation Check

Ceipam is a free dns checker tool offered by Camscape. With this tool, you can check dns propagation with up to 17 servers from different locations include with A, MX, NS, SPF and TXT records. It checked dns records with the number of name servers such as Google, OpenDNS, RDS, Vodafone, UPC, NTT, Hostnet and others. There are also many other services offered by this site such as Whois, Email test, HTTP headers, HTTP compression and also Page rank checker.

4. DNS Checker

DNS Checker

Softrix technologies design DNS Checker, and it checks site records from more than 24 locations/servers. This tool let help you to collect a lot of information about any site such as A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, PTR and TXT records.

The good thing about this tool is that it will show you results visually on the world map with the symbol of ticks and cross. The green tick means propagation occurred at that place and red cross describes vice-versa.

5. DNS Sniffer

DNSSniffer Check DNS Records

DNS Sniffer is one more dns propagation checker tool to check domain dns records including the bunch of other information like NS, NS CNAME, SOA, MX, A, AAAA and WWW records. There are also many other useful tools available on DNS Sniffer such as Blacklist Lookup, MX Lookup, Email test, IP location finder, Whois, Ping test, Heartbleed and many others.

6. CheckDNSPropagation (CDP)

Check DNS Propagation

CDP is also a free dns tool available where you can check dns propagation of your newly configured website along with a lot of other valuable information like NS, A, MX, TXT and SPF records. It also shows the servers locations from where it calculated results of sites. You can also check IP blacklist, Reverse PTR mapping and email test with this website.

7. Nexcess

Nexcess Global Dns Checker Tool

Nexcess is one more best place to check dns propagation of websites from upto 22 servers worldwide. It shows a lot of other information like A, AAAA, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT and SOA records of any checked website. Also, it shows the IP address of servers from where it got results.

8. Site24x7

Site24x7 DNS Checker

Site24x7 is a hub of information where you can check dns setting updated or not of your sites with over 50+ locations globally. It helps you to make sure whether your site is accessible or not for visitors and customers world widely.

Also, shows dns resolve, first-byte time, total response time and connect time. This site offers many other useful services such as IP finder, Site Up or Down, Analyze web pages, Site pinging, SSL monitoring, Heartbleed checking, IPv4 and IPv6 subnet calculation.

9. App Synthetic Monitor

App Synthetic Monitor

Cloud Monitor or App Synthetic Monitor these both are the different names of one tool. It comes with 4 fantastic features, with this dns propagation checker tool you can check dns propagation of your site by pinging upto 90 different stations worldwide. It also shows the IP address of servers that use’s for collecting information.

With Cloud Monitor, you can find Ping, website check, domain name server analysis and traceroute of any site. With domain name server analyzer, you can find CNAME and A records of any domain. And also, let help you to figure out how much time your site take to respond from different regions globally.

10. IntoDNS

IntoDNS to Check DNS Propagation

IntoDNS checks the configuration and health of websites including dns records propagation checking. It provides domain name server info’s and mail server reports. If any website’s health worst, it shows the Fix tips for rectifying that heath issues to improve the site performance. You can get following data of any site with this tool; Parent reports, NS, SOA, MX and WWW records.

11. Preshweb

Preshweb Propagation Checker

Another simple and easy to use tool for verifying dns propagation along with finding other useful information of any website such as A, AAAA, NS and TXT records. Also, you can query domains info with number options.

You can use it for verifying propagation with many options like random, all given servers for a domain or with a particular server which you want to specify. Instead of typing domain address, information of your sites can check by typing IP address.

12. Propagated Yet


Propagated Yet is one more very simple dns checker tool to check dns propagation of websites. You just need to type domain address of website and IP address of web hosting server for which you want to verify dns records. It will show you result in YES/NO options.

If provided domain successfully propagated with the IP address which you entered, it will show YES otherwise NO. One best thing about this dns records checker is, it can inform you by email whether your domain pointed to a specific IP address or not. I think it’s a great option to keep in touch that your site pointed to a particular IP address or not with an email alert.

13. DNS Unlimited

DNS Unlimited

DNS Unlimited has an impressive, simple and unique outlook with great features which can help you to determine dns zones lookup of your website around the world with the number of servers. Though this tool is in the development phase but it worked perfectly as a dns checker for most zones.

With this tool, you can find A, AAAA, MX, and CNAME records of your and any website you want to know. It shows results of the checked website from Public Recursive and Authoritative Servers with IP address. At the time of writing, they have 5 authoritative name servers at Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Reston, and London. 4 Out of 5 servers having IPv6 IP addresses.

14. DNS CHecK


If you don’t want to find advance information about domains, try this one to check domain propagation. It’s very easy-to-use and simple site for monitoring dns zones of websites on multiple nameservers worldwide. This tool checks dns records with 4 different servers around the globe from different places and also shows IP address of servers.

15. MX ToolBox

MX ToolBox Dns Propagation Checker

MX Tool Box offers the bunch of tools that are essentials to check information of domains, email, and other important things. Currently, they are offering 31 featured tools to check information of sites.

You can diagnose SMTP mail server, Site health, Dns lookup, Whois, Ping, Trace, Host port scanning, Brand reputation, SOA lookup, Reverse lookup, A, CNAME, AAAA, MX records and much more features.

If you know about this one you don’t need any other tool because it can do almost anything which you need. They offer some premium services started from 20$ to 80$ per month. Also, you can freely monitor your site status via an email alert with this tool.

Things to Consider Between Domain’s DNS Propagation

Whenever you modify dns records, you should confirm that DNS propagation completely applied or not? Because without confirmation, if you made any changes to your website or publish posts it may store in old hosting and when new hosting propagates, your new post or changes will disappear from your website. Because the published post was stored in the old hosting and when new hosting pointed, the recent updates disappeared.

I hope this article will help you to check dns propagation of your recently configured domain from one host to another or if you just want to check records of any site.

Have I missed any best dns propagation checker tool? Do let me know in the comments section. If this article helped you, then please share with your friends and on social media.

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