DirectAdmin Letsencrypt for servers hostname

I noticed on your DirectAdmin images you have letsencrypt  pre installed.
the SSL will not install on my servers hostname. 

Please check the fowlloing before running any of the cli commands else they will fail.

  1. Your hostname is resolving to the server correctly
  2. your hostname is set in correctly "Administrator Settings" in DirectAdmin  

If both are correct and the SSL will still not install  follow these steps. 

  1. Change your hostname  to some random hostname in DirectAdmin  "Administrator Settings"
  2. Wait at 5 minutes
  3. Change your hostname  back to your original  hostname in DirectAdmin  "Administrator Settings"
  4. Wait at 5 minutes

then run these commands from CLI as root 

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts
./ request_single 4096


  1. If that does Not clear the issue log into directadmin as admin 
  2. Go to DNS adminstration & delete the zone & re-add it back manually 
  3. or add your servers hostname  as a A record to if it is hosted on your server 

then run these commands from CLI as root 

echo  >> /etc/virtual/domains

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts

./ request_single 4096

Of coarse changing  for your real hostname  

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